Our Mission:

Because we clearly see from God’s Word that He is not looking for religious people; He is looking to have relationship with his creation, therefore our mission is clear:

We exist to help people release their hearts to God!

Our Vision:

Our vision is to see lives transformed into the image of Christ ~ by the power of Christ!

And when lives are transformed by the power of Christ we will see a church:

  • Where Christianity is exciting and fun; where people can express themselves out of who God made them to be. Where people’s longing for significance and satisfaction in life can be found.
  • Where it is safe to be honest with your faith and your struggles. Where you will find people that care for you.
  • That welcomes everyone with respect, no matter their race, age, color, economic, or family background.
  • That knows it is not the clothes you wear or the color of your skin, but what is inside of you that matters.
  • Where people who are hurting, depressed, and frustrated can find love, acceptance, and guidance.
  • That is focused on building relationships through small groups (called Life Groups) and where fun, love, faith, prayer, and growth take place weekly. The relationships built in these groups will enable you to be the light God intended you to be in the world with a network of groups that will grow into the hundreds.
  • Whose youth and children are excited about coming to church because they are involved, there are fun activities, great friends, and they are challenged to live out their faith.
  • That loves its community and reaches out to it with a heart of compassion, ready and able to meet needs with tangible acts of love. A church that provides fun, safe, and wholesome family activities.
  • That is on mission around in their community, their city, their country and around the world supporting and being missionaries!