Partnership @ CrossLife

CrossLife is a unique church in many ways. When it comes to joining CrossLife, membership just doesn’t say it all. Membership holds more of the idea that you belong to something for the sole benefit of what you get out of it.

With that in mind we call membership, Partnership.

While the two terms are similar Partnership has some distinctive qualities that are important.

We look for people who want to officially come alongside, who want to make CrossLife their home church, and who are willing to partner together to accomplish the mission God has given us.

While Partnership has its privileges, it is more about owning the cause and banding together with a group of people who are committed to that same cause.

We offer a class that is a one day session lasting about 3 hours on the fourth Sunday of each month after church, at the church office, 5941 Setter Dr, Elkridge, MD 21075

Become a Partner by taking the Partnership Class.

Becoming a Partner is not hard, but takes some investment of time.

  • Next, you must sign-up and take the Discovering Church Partnership class (which by the way includes lunch). You will learn about CrossLife’s mission, our core values, structure, and statement of faith.
  • Next you will attend CrossLife on a regular basis for three months.
  • Finally, you come alongside the existing partners and leadership of the church by signing the Partnership Covenant. We do this so that you know exactly what the expectations are for this Partnership. View the Partnership Covenant here.

If you are interested in signing up for the class contact Pastor John at A class will be held after Pastor John is contacted.