Acts 15:5 … the church prayed very earnestly …  updated 5/9/18

To send in a prayer request email  We will respond to your email and we will pray.

Please be in prayer for the residents of Ellicott City, Catonsville, Mout Airy, and others affected by flooding.

Sandy Cook’s niece, Brittany, and her two children, Colton and Abby, were in a fatal car accident.  Brittany was killed, and Colton was critically injured.  Colton continues to show remarkable recovery.  Please continue to pray for the Cook family, for Sandy and James, Andy, Michael, and Joey as they process and deal with this journey. 

Tom T’s twelve year old grandson Riley passed away on Sunday, May 13th.  We lift up Tom and his wife Dorothy, as well as their family and friends.  We extend prayers for healing and strength for Riley’s family and for his parents during this difficult time.  You can support the family at gofundme,com.

Pray for our WIN TEAMS.  ( What’s Important Now )

Small Group Revitalization – Michelle,  Sandy C, Sharon, Patricia, Pastor John

Associate Pastor Search  –  Pastor John, Tim, Brian, Mark

Young Family Outreach – Larry, Helen, John, Michelle, James

Young Adult Outreach – Pastor John , Matthew, Tracie, Sonja

Engagement Pathways – Doug S, Melinda, Matthew, Steven

Pray for the partnerships in our Elkridge Community “Jerusalem”

  • Prayers for the college students and the staff at UMBC, Intervarsity at UMBC

Pray for Church Missions in “Judea and Samaria”

  • Ron Willoughby, Broken Wall Project, North Bend Elementary, Baltimore
  • Jeff Davoll and his Family, Church Planting Missionaries in Ecuador
  • Jon Brewin, Church on the Point, Church Planting, Sparrows Point, MD
  • Rob Stephens, Aletheia, Church Planting Missionary, College Park, MD

Pray for Church Missions to “the Ends of the Earth”

  • Pastor Radhames and Zoila Quezada, CERINFA educational program, Pimentel, DR
  • Caobete Church, Pastor Alvin Gabriel Gil German, in the Dominican Republic