Acts 15:5 … the church prayed very earnestly

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…  updated 11/27/18  …

Pray for God’s presence in Elkridge

Pray for our LEADERSHIP W.I.N. TEAMS.  ( What’s Important Now )

Pray for the partnerships in our Elkridge Community “Jerusalem”

  • Pray for the college students and the staff at UMBC, Intervarsity at UMBC

  • Pray for Elkridge Elementary School.  The students, the staff, and the administration.

Pray for Church Missions in “Judea and Samaria”

Pray for Church Missions to “the Ends of the Earth”

  • Pastor Radhames and Zoila Quezada, CERINFA educational program, Pimentel, DR

  • Caobete Church, Pastor Alvin Gabriel Gil German, in the Dominican Republic