Praise Ministry is often call Worship Ministry, or Music Ministry, but we have chosen the word “Praise” as it incorporates all that we are offering to God in the form of music, drama, and creative arts. Worship is that and more, it is a lifestyle. The Praise Ministry includes: Praise Team, Drama Team, Audio/Visual Team. If you have a calling to serve in any of these Praise Ministries Contact Melinda Hamilton via email at melindaonline@comcast.net.

Praise Team

The music preformed each Sunday is a mix of contemporary and traditional that exalts the Lord and lifts your spirit.  If you enjoy serving and worshiping God through music, drama, or testimonies you may be interested in joining the Praise Team.  Contact Melinda Hamilton at melindaonline@comcast.net.

Audio/Visual Team

This very critical team is called on every Sunday morning to set up a sound system, recording, and video equipment which creates a welcoming and caring environment for all that come. This team is used for our many outreach events for sound.  They create sermon videos for the website and podcast. If you are interested in joining the Audio/Visual Team, please contact Melinda Hamilton at melindaonline@comcast.net.

Drama Team

The Drama Team puts on wonderful Christmas and Easter plays using the youth and children. We are praying for someone to lead this ministry so that we can use drama as part of communicating God’s truths on a more regular basis.  Contact Carol at admin@crosslifeonline.com for more info.