New Building Project

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About our Space

Total space is 7000 sq. feet. Approximately 4000 sq. feet will be used for our worship auditorium. The remainder will consist of a lobby, restrooms, conference room, offices, children areas, and a kitchenette.

About the Building

The owners of the building, Tidewater, occupy the right half of this property. They are a government high security building contractor and have owned the building for over five years. The part of the building space they do not occupy has been leased to different companies. Currently, there is a gym, Livenow Fitness, LLC, that leases space in the backside of this building. Tidewater and the gym are closed on Sunday’s, which make the entire parking area available to us.

The building is strategically located right off the intersection of Route 1 and Highway 100.

More to come…