Service starts at 10 AM

Service Starts @ 10:00am

Worship Celebrations designed with you in mind!

Are you new to Crosslife?  We want you to know that CrossLife is a place for people who are tired of religion and want to seek a relationship with God. We are a place where the broken get hope and healing through relationships with God and others.

Our service runs from an hour to an hour & 15 minutes.

Location: 6625 Selnick Dr, Elkridge, MD 21075

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Here’s what you can expect on Sunday:

Expect a Welcome From Our Greeters

Stop at our Connect Center

If you are registering your kids for Kid Connection (Sunday School- Kindergarten to 5th grade) or if you have question to the church about getting connected.

Kid Connection

Children’s Ministry

We’ll have activities and bible study for kids grade kindergarten to 5. We are meeting with the kids under Covid Safety Guidelines.

Kid Connection Page & Safety Guidelines

Coffee Bar

The coffee bar is now open!

You can get a coffee with a lid to bring with you in the sanctuary.

Service @ 10:00 AM

Worship & Praise

We will have worship and praise through music & prayer
Pastor will bring a relevant message from scripture.

Our Nursery is not yet open. The Service is televised in the lobby if you need to step out with a young child

After Service

Connect Center

The Connect Center will be open for information and any questions you have about getting connected.