EES Teacher Basket

Month of January

Let’s fill up the EES Teacher Basket this month! Drop supplies off on Sundays through January.

Click here for a list of recommended supplies

Blessings Through Meals

Meals for Revolution

The CrossLife Revolution Connect Group (ages 18-25) is looking for you to provide a meal on the 2nd Monday of every month.

Signup Here

HCC CRU Refreshments

CrossLife is providing refreshments for meetings of HCC CRU. Cuties, fruit, juice, iced tea, cookies, or something like that of your choosing. They meet on the second Thursdays of each month.

There are 30 young adults who will attend the meetings.

Refreshment support will start up again next year.

UMBC Inter-Varsity

Check back here for ways to bless our local college students.

For more info please contact Larry Eastman.